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Health in Our Hands is an initiative that uses the knowledge, expertise and opinion of people across Louisiana to build a community that influences improvements and innovations in healthcare by:
Recognizing individuals as the experts of their own health by giving them the opportunity to share what health issues are important to them.
Bring together patients, doctors and researchers to work together to improve healthcare.
Providing individuals with up-to-date information and resources on issues that affect their health.


Your valued participation in Health in Our Hands will:

  • Give you the opportunity to easily see your health status along with your progress over time and identify when actions are needed to improve your health.
  • Connect your doctor with long-term information that will help them better advise you on personal health and treatment decisions.
  • Help researchers and healthcare providers develop cutting-edge technologies that advance healthcare delivery
  • Educate you on how research findings may affect the receive and choices you make about your health.
  • Allow your perspective to inspire future research research topics.
If you choose to enrollin Health in Our Hands, you will:
  • Be directly contacted to complete short surveys about your health experiences.
  • Receive research findings that are relevant to your personal health.
  • Receive resources that are intended to address your health concerns.
No, the LaCDRN and its services will never cost money for patients.
LSU Health Sciences Center, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Ochsner Health System, Tulane Medical Center and GNOHIE/ PATH clinics.
After joining Health in Our Hands, patients will receive ongoing communication about future opportunities for participation in studies, patient workgroups, and network governance.
If you cannot find what you need on this website, please call 1-855-997-HIOH (4464) and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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